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Picking The Right Golf Ball

Can Golf Tees Help Your Golf Game?

Greetings, my name is Mike Manzella proprietor of You will see on our site we have one of the biggest choice of hitting the fairway tees in numerous styles and sizes even naked woman golf tees.. In the event that another energizing tee goes along we will make certain to get it. At the point when I began hitting the fairway numerous years back (25 Years or somewhere in the vicinity) there were essentially 2 styles of golf tees the standard wooden golf tees and plastic golf tees.

As of late, numerous new styles of golf tees have opened up to assist you with hitting the ball further and straighter. There are even golf tees that guarantee to fix your slice...Believe it or not can golf tees help your game? Right now will talk about a portion of these golf tees what they bring to the table the normal golf player.

The most famous new advancement in golf tees is the Brush-T Golf Tee. Brush-T permits you to drive your ball more distant and increasingly exact without changing your driver!

The primary concern on brush tees is they eliminated rubbing. With an ordinary golf tee when you strike the ball it pushing the ball down into the tee before it takes off causing grating. The brush tee golf tee dispenses with that rubbing. The most famous is the Brush-T however there are numerous styles of golf tees with brushes on them

The novel characteristics of the Brush-T imply that the side turn or obstruction, very regularly connected with plastic and wooden tees, can be wiped out. The fibers offer raised help for the ball, yet at the same time give uncommon adaptability. Free testing in San Diego and California, demonstrating a stamped improvement in the scattering rate, in this way conveying more prominent precision.

Hit further. The fibers simply go with the stroke.

Brush-T uses adaptable manufactured fibers that twist on effect on tee up the ball, making a vibe of driving the ball shut off. Less obstruction delivers drastically more and straighter drives.

The Brush-T lessens opposition conventionally experienced at the purpose of effect, and reestablishes that taken speed, permitting the ball to venture to every part of the greatest separation conceivable. Free testing has demonstrated that golf players can pick up to 7 yards extra driving yards. Hit straighter - you'll never observe a cleaner take off' stroke! Brush-T Golf Tees

The detriments of the Brush-T is they are greater and bulkier then normal playing golf tee. You have to convey distinctive size ones in your pack since you can't embed them into the ground past the brush. Thus, the tees accompany various sizes for drivers, 3 woods and irons. The uplifting news is they are solid and can last numerous rounds with out breaking.

Zero Friction Golf Tees are picking up notoriety particularly among more youthful golf players. - The Zero Friction top altogether decreases the contact territory between the golf ball and the tee, giving most extreme separation and precision. They are additionally naturally well disposed since they are made of biodegradable materials. Indeed less contact = more distance(TM) as asserted by Excel Golf Tee Inc, situated in Chicago Illinois the Zero Friction Golf tee proprietors

How Zero Friction golf tee cut down on contact? The appropriate response is a cup size 30% littler than customary tees. Less contact between the cup and the ball, the less turn which prompts further drives.

Zero Friction professes to be the most smoking golf tee on the PGA visit with 2005-2007 Success - 27 triumphs and more than 160 top completions.

The greatest objection we get from the Zero contact golf tees is that they are minimal harder to keep the ball on the tee as a result of the little tees heads.

Lift Tee is a low opposition tee which implies the ball can be hit neatly, expanding your driving separation! Just the tips reach the ball, so obstruction is low. This guarantees a prevalent finish! Complies with the Rules of Golf.

The Lift Tee is a solid polycarbonate tee with an adaptable "lift" to lay the ball on. This lift diminishes opposition so the ball can be hit neatly, expanding driving separation. Because of the solid material they tees are produced using, they keep going for quite a while. Women love these tees.

Other well known Golf Tees:

Against Slice Golf Tees: They have plastic that covers the side of the golf ball eliminating cut turn

Venture Down Tees: Tees with set statures that come in various sizes

Velocitees: Designed to help produce overspin for more separation.

Carrier Tees: Technology to guarantee your tees last any longer than conventional wood tees or impersonation plastic tees.

Tear Tees: 3 point bristle tops for wooden tees.

Stinger Golf Tees: Ultra Streamlined Design

DepthFinder Golf Tees: Tees your ball to consummate stature EVERY time!

Immaculate Tees: Designed for the present propelled golf innovation.


In end everybody has there possess fit for tees. The most ideal approach to discover what works for you is try. The sort of golf tee you use may improve your game just by giving you certainty when you take a gander at the ball on that tee


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