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Picking The Right Golf Ball

The Almonds

So the baseball season is only about 2/5ths done. I've enjoyed playing in my first rotisserie league, Fresh Out of Juice.

As of today, my boys are in 5th out of 12 teams. I had a horrendous start to the season, not being familiar with the rules and approaches. But bit by bit I climbed out of that bottom tier. And now I've ascended to 5th, with the Shonuffs and the Slap Chop close behind.

General Pitching:
This is my strength. Specifically, I have 601 strikeouts on the year, with the closest team behind 44 back. My pitchers have racked up 49 wins, 7 more than any other team. This is partly to me starting more pitchers (99) over the course of the season than any of the teams. But anyway, K's and W's give me a combined 24 points in the league.
Starting so many pitchers also has its drawbacks as there is logically more chance for meltdowns and lousy ERA/WHIP numbers. But while my ERA (3.463) and WHIP (1.285) aren't fantastic, they aren't necessarily bad, particualrly ERA. It is 4th in the league, not far behind Earl Weaver (3.375) and Hawpe (3.400) and decently separated from the rest of hte league.
The saves category hurt me at the beginning due to no closers drafted and a lack of understanding regarding the scoring. But I got Toronto's Kevin Gregg, who has helped me climb out of the rock-bottom with 15 saves on the year. Right now I'm 9th in the league in saves; however I'm not far at all behind the next group. Baltimore's Alfredo Simon is on the verge of returning from the DL, so hopefully he and Gregg can combine to climb me at least 2 spots shortly. I also have Milwaukee's rookie reliever John Axford who has gotten 3 wins and 4 saves since emerging. Whether he becomes the established closer on the team remains to be seen, but here's hoping.
I ranked my starting pitchers based on their stats thus far. It's fascinating how each pitcher can be horrible in one category but extremely valuable in another. Since the scoring is Draconian for each of the four categories (W, K, WHIP, ERA), I calculated the average ranking on my team. The results are:
1. Lester
2. Gallardo
3. Latos
4. Buchholz
5. Garza
6. Santana
7. Talbot
8. Burnett
9. Norris *DL*

My batting stats leave plenty to be desired. My runs are decent (4th in the league), and my HR and RBI are at least middle-of-the-pack, but I suck at SB and AVG. I've made several acquisitions to try and beef up these categories, but not a whole lot of progress.


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Wed 8/18

With Johnson and Helton still finishing up their games, my boys have hit .390 tonight. 7 runs scored, 7 RBIs, stolen bases by Bartlett and Crisp, and 3 homers. Crisp, Mauer, and Torres each belted one over the fence.

Pitching was not so good. Floyd got knocked out of the park, putting in a lousy performance for the 2nd straight game. Garza has been on a semi-roll lately, so I think a switch might be appropriate.

Standings: 10, 8.5, 7, 5, 4; 10, 12, 7, 11, 8 (2nd, 82.5 pts)