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Picking The Right Golf Ball


Manning TD passes to Collie and Wayne have given the Colts a 17-3 advantage going into the break. Woot!! It seems Manning finally got into a rhythm, and aside from a rare delay-of-game penalty the offense has been playing smart, mistake-free football. Gains are small to mid-range, only a couple of deep throws. One resulted in a pass interference penalty on BAL's Foxworth, and that set up the 2nd TD. Wayne made a beautiful play, hauling in the catch, then sticking the ball a foot over the goal line before gathering it back in to absorb a Ray Lewis hit.

A couple of notable gambles as well by the offense. The first was going for it on 4th and 3 -4 yards. Addai made a catch and barely got it over before getting whacked out of bounds. That drive ended in the Collie TD. The 2nd was running that last play with 7 seconds and no timeouts left. If Wayne didn't stick the ball over the goal line, the clock would have expired with no chance for the field goal.

But a very smart, smooth first half in my opinion. And that defense! After the first drive in which the Ravens seemed to just march, the Ravens have come away with nothing but punts. The Colts have Baltimore where they want them. In general there is going to be more Flacco in the 2nd half. Freeney and Mathis can begin licking their chops.


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Wed 8/18

With Johnson and Helton still finishing up their games, my boys have hit .390 tonight. 7 runs scored, 7 RBIs, stolen bases by Bartlett and Crisp, and 3 homers. Crisp, Mauer, and Torres each belted one over the fence.

Pitching was not so good. Floyd got knocked out of the park, putting in a lousy performance for the 2nd straight game. Garza has been on a semi-roll lately, so I think a switch might be appropriate.

Standings: 10, 8.5, 7, 5, 4; 10, 12, 7, 11, 8 (2nd, 82.5 pts)