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Picking The Right Golf Ball


The Colts pulled it off, finishing the Jets off 30-17 to advance to Super Bowl XLIV. Wow. Manning was unbelievable, throwing for 377 yards with 3 scores and no interceptions. Revis Island what? He kept Wayne in check, at least statistically (3 catches, 55 yards). And Clark didn't have a fantastic day (4-35, 1 TD) other than the critical 4th-quarter score. Manning said, "So what?" Garcon (11-151, 1 TD) set an AFC title game record for receptions, and Collie (7-123, 1 TD) had a huge game as well. Collie's TD to close out the 2nd half was huge, the difference between the 17-13 deficit and a 17-6 or even 17-9 hole.

The fellows on ESPN News were discussing whether this was the best game of Manning's career. Statistically, no. He's topped those numbers countless times. But if you consider the situation it almost makes sense. The Jets possess one of the best defenses in the league, and the best CB in Revis. And Manning absolutely shredded them, using former unknowns …


YES! A 21-yd chip shot by Stover means 2 Jets TDs are now required. But Sanches threw a high ball that was tipped and then picked off by Kelvin. WOOT! I can smell it! 2:05 to play!


WOOT! Manning shredded the Jets on an 80-yd drive, finishing it off with a beautiful throw to Clark. 339 yd and 3 TDs for Manning. Now up 10 points, if only the defense can hold em off!!

Collie and Garcon are both over 100 yards, and each has a TD catch from the MVP.

Into the 4th

Argh! Colts up 20-17. Jets deep in their own territory as we begin.

3:30pm update. Stopped em! They got a couple of first downs but we stiffened. After a punt it's Colts ball at the IND 20. The D has been fairly stiff against the run and forced Sanchez to try and beat them. So far, unfortunately, he hasn't made any critical mistakes which is why we're only up 3 points. Three botched plays have had an impact - A) Lacey blowing his coverage of Edwards and allowing an 80-yd TD. B) Hayden abandoning Cotchery on a wildcat pass. C) The botched block that resulted in a botched handoff.

And it's the Jets

Unreal. The Jets stunned the Chargers 17-14 at Qualcomm to advance to the AFC title game. Wow. It'll be Jets@Colts for a Super Bowl berth. How did it happen? The Jets played great defense, at one point forcing 3 turnovers by Rivers on 3 possessions. 10 penalties for 87 yards by the Chargers indicated a surprising lack of maturity. There was a head-butt that drew a 15-yard penalty. Vincent Jackson kicked Rex Ryan's challenge flag earning another 15-yarder. Notably, though, Kaeding missed 3 field goals. One was a difficult 57-yarder at the end of the 1st half; however he shanked a 36-yarder and a crucial 40-yarder in the final quarter. Huh?? The Chargers are cursed or something. For all their success in the last few years, they've yet to even appear in a Super Bowl.

So it'll be Colts-Jets. We essentially showed them the door into the playoffs with the infamous Painter Bowl. But now we can show them the way out. Face it, many of the Colts are going to go in mad. I just hav…
As the Colts move on to the title game, with the opponent still TBD, I feel the need to reflect on the personnel and what we can expect over the next 2-3 years.

QB - Manning 33, Sorgi 29, Painter 24. Nothing to say here.
RB - Addai 26. Hart is a 2nd-year man and Brown a rookie. The former I think is underrated, but we've gone from a single workhorse (the Edge) for many years to what approaches a platoon. How effective that platoon is will be determined, but the talent level I think is sufficient.
WR - Wayne 31. Garcon a 2nd-year man, Collie a rookie. This is a more interesting spot as Wayne, still in his prime, will likely begin to decline within 2-3 years. He's no Harrison, but Garcon and Collie are no Wayne either. The Colts spent a 1st-rounder on Anthony Gonzalez, but he blew out his knee while making a cut and you wonder what his future will be. Still, very impressive how Manning has developed the young guns Collie and Garcon.
TE - Clark 30. Colts fans don't want to see Gi…

To the title game

And 20-3 was the final. What a game. Who said anything about rust? Give the Colts D kudos for holding the Ravens offense to 3 points. After that 1st drive the birds came up with nothing. NOTHING! Bethea and Powers (or was it Lacey) both had interceptions in the final quarter, and Foster forced a fumble on Ray Rice. But it is Garcon's crazy strip of Ed Reed that will likely be remembered in Colts lore.

Side note on Ray Rice - he's a beast and has a long, storied career in front of him.

But on to the AFC title game! Surprising to say, but just the 3rd time since the Manning era started ('04 loss to New England, '07 win over New England). Will it be the Jets or the Chargers (gulp to the latter).

It's getting near

The Colts extended it to 20-3 with a 33-yd Stover FG that concluded a bizarre drive. On one early play Manning was picked by Ed Reed. But Garcon stripped the Ravens safety on a long runback and Clark recovered. On another play Reed again picked Manning, but this time a pass interference call negated the interception. Woot!!

Through the 3rd

Ravens got to midfield but then turned it over on 4th and 3. Yes!! Brackett made a fantastic play on 3rd down, breaking up a Flacco pass toward Ray Rice. Now let's extend this lead!


Manning TD passes to Collie and Wayne have given the Colts a 17-3 advantage going into the break. Woot!! It seems Manning finally got into a rhythm, and aside from a rare delay-of-game penalty the offense has been playing smart, mistake-free football. Gains are small to mid-range, only a couple of deep throws. One resulted in a pass interference penalty on BAL's Foxworth, and that set up the 2nd TD. Wayne made a beautiful play, hauling in the catch, then sticking the ball a foot over the goal line before gathering it back in to absorb a Ray Lewis hit.

A couple of notable gambles as well by the offense. The first was going for it on 4th and 3 -4 yards. Addai made a catch and barely got it over before getting whacked out of bounds. That drive ended in the Collie TD. The 2nd was running that last play with 7 seconds and no timeouts left. If Wayne didn't stick the ball over the goal line, the clock would have expired with no chance for the field goal.

But a very smart, smooth first …

Into the 2nd

Colts punt, Ravens punt, Colts punt again. Nice heads-up play by Addai on the batted ball, but we should have taken advantage of golden field possession. Argh! Still 3-3...

1st quarter

Both offenses have had 1 possession. Both appeared to move the ball well, but both were held to field goals. 3-3. Hayden isn't having the greatest day against Derrick Mason. One play he gave him too much cushion. Then on a fade route he never even turned around to see the ball. On 3rd & Goal, Bethea almost had a 99-yard pick six, but he dropped the potential interception allowing Cundiff to punch in the FG. Now the Colts get the ball back...

Soon, soon

It'll begin within the next 1.5 hours or so - the 2010 AFC Divisional Playoff. They have GOT to win this game! If they can go quick-strike and get a quick lead, the Ravens will be forced to go pass, something Flacco only did 10 times last week. And I have faith in our now-healthy secondary that includes Hayden, Lacey/Powers, Bethea, and Bullitt...and in Freeney and Mathis to put on the pressure, Michael Oher's presence notwithstanding.

In current events, Reggie Bush just scored on an 83-yd PR, the 3rd-longest in NFL postseason history. It's now 45-14, so you can pretty much write off Arizona. Warner's just gotten creamed and Brees has of course shredded the Cards D.
Today is Saints-Cards and Colts-Ravens. Hard to predict either one. The Cardinals are a weird, unpredictable team. I seriously thought Green Bay would win easily last week...but Warner absolutely shredded their vaunted secondary. I consider the Saints defense below the Packers' level...but now we're at the SuperDome. My prediction: Saints 37, Cards 27. It won't be a blowout but the outcome won't be in doubt.

As to the Colts...expect boos to rain down on Polian and Caldwell today. None of fans will have forgotten or forgiven the Painter Bowl. Not to rehash old arguments...okay I'm rehashing old arguments. The Colts would have gone 16-0. But these arrogant, self-righteous men spat in the faces of A) the players whose desire to go for gold became more vocal each week, and B) the hundreds of thousands of fans whose excitement grew at the same pace. I for one will relish the boos. And mark my words - if the Colts blow this game it is going to be a permanent black mark on…


With Cotchery still left to play tonight, I've built up a huge 258-218 advantage. MVP for Week 17? Charles. He was unbelievable, gashing the Broncos for 259 yards and 2 scores including a 56-yd killer in the 4th quarter. 43 fantasypoints for Jamaal, who topped 1000 for the season. Romo contributed with 24 points of his own, throwing for over 300 yards and a pair of scores. DeSean was a goat with just 4 points (the Eagles getting shut out by Dallas), but fortunately the others made up for his ineptitude.

The Moustaches will win. They will win the championship in style, having scored more points than any other team in Weeks 14-17 after dominating the regular season in similar fashion. Truly the most dominant team I've ever put together. My 2006 Drunken Lullabies, featuring Vick, LJ, and Willie Parker, also went 10-3 but then flamed out in the fantasy playoffs. My other championship teams - the 2007 Wayward Sons and the 2008 Light Grenades - were less dominant during the fantasy r…